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Participating in social sector initiatives is very rewarding with multi facets accomplishments. You have an opportunity to gain more knowledge about social challenges and mitigating actions.


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Progressive Solidarity Forum has her headquarters in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. Her offshoots are in Anambra, Delta, Edo, Ekiti, Enugu, Kano, Kogi, Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo , Rivers, Plateau, Kaduna, Ondo and Benue and Bauchi States. Efforts are ongoing to spread across the other states. We are also present in The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, France, South Africa and Germany. It is our hope that your country of residence will be next and if it is already that you become part of that group.

Like our slogan says, ‘What’s in it for the people?’ PSF ultimate goal is to see that the people of Nigeria benefit from the richness of their country; that policies made by government are channeled towards the betterment of the people. We realise this is no mean task but a pool of efforts from members can go a long way. Members in all the states share a collective desire backed by willingness to get results, to fight the challenges we face as a country and build it to the highest level achievable. They come from all works of life and dedicate resources and time as they can afford. They offer ideas and expertise on specific subjects when required. The collective years of experience of members have been highly impactful on progress made. Amongst our members are young graduates and scholars with huge talent and potential to ensure that there is a succession plan thereby ensuring the organization is worth her while. Every chapter has an Interim Working Committee with a time frame to carry out projects before a permanent executive committee is formed. Initial projects by the interim committees enable the national body and chapter members identify stable and resourceful leaders for each chapter. The chapters have an almost identical structure making for uniformity even if the individual projects differ. PSF projects vary. They range from charity causes to installation of basic infrastructure for communities. This is not to take over government roles but to support government activities. The whole idea is to get the communities involved in governance from the grassroots up.

PSF has her Grand Patron, Chief (Dr.) Ibrahim B. Emokpaire and the pioneer members who have supported him to thank for where she is today. Their efforts have gone a long way to influence the events that PSF has overseen in the past five years. It is PSF’s hope that this effort is multiplied through equally dedicated members, present and future.


The Mission of PSF is to be recognized as the mouth-piece of progressive ideology for the delivery of democracy to all Nigerians. This shall be accomplished through three cardinal strategies:

  1.  Establish a Charity Trust Fund to support innovative life changing programs.
  2. To advocate for good leadership, rule of law, transparency and accountability
  3. To corroborate at grassroots levels in ensuring fulfilments of the peoples’ contract.


Progressive Solidarity Forum is on a historic opportunity and responsibility to play a crucial role in the advocacy for leadership probity, transparency and accountability. We invite you to join us today!

Often times in the past, the progressives in Nigeria have lost out due to the enthronement of narrowness and segmentation. Thus whereas, and indeed, the purveyors of poverty have never won by verified majority, the losing majority have always had themselves to blame for not having a united stand.


“We must be ready to dare all for our country. For history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. We must display stamina in purpose. A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both”

President D. Eisenhower

Inaugural Speech of January 20, 1953

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the once we’ve been waiting for, We are the change  that we seek.

Barack Obama

Company Name

“Many Nigerians believe and actually hope for the saving of Nigeria. Some even pray for it. Yet very few are doing something about saving Nigeria due to not knowing how to get actively involved in the process of saving Nigeria. Many have dabbled into various forms of activism and others have just given up due to frustration”

Chief (Dr) Ibrahim B. Emokpaire

Grand Patron




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