We are positioned to achieving effectiveness in our resolve to deliver good governance to Nigerians. This shall be sustained through innovative program implementations that draws our strength:

  • Project Implementation through Collaborations and consortium partnerships
  •  Focus Group discussions: Grass root information dissemination, awareness creation and sensitisation
  • Press Engagement: Dissemination strategy and media sensitisation through Press Conferences, Press Releases, Media Chat
  • Policy position papers and dialogue: Development and presentation of policy position papers to decision makers.
  • Community sensitisation and empowerment: Information dissemination at grassroot levels.
  • Charity Trust Fund: Resource Mobilisation to enable community life changing programs


PCSF envisions a society highly uplifted regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religious affiliations.


PCSF is committed to uphold the rights and enhance the livelihoods of vulnerable persons to attain the benefits of good governance.


Our philosophy is reflected in our slogan ‘What’s in it for the people’. The Progressive Community Support Forum (PCSF) operates on a principle of a progressive ideal where humanitarian service is a top priority. We believe that the welfare of citizens comes first and should be attended to for a better society to emerge.

Our Scope

PCSF is committed to promoting initiatives across all spheres of human endeavor that would benefit the community through community innovative projects as listed below:

  • Democracy; Transparency, accountability, good governance and election Implement initiatives that enhance community participation and interest in governance
  • Implement Education and School Support Services
  • Strengthening Health Care Systems
  • Carry out Projects for Empowerment of in and out of School youths
  • Enhancing the Girl Child Education
  • Develop position papers to address policy matters
  • Vulnerable groups and People living with disability (PLWD)



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