Nigeria, in spite of its vast natural and human resources has been left comatose by those vested with the responsibility of leading it aright. The monumental damages done to our economy and resources led to the yearning for change by the populace. The last three decades in the life of Nigeria was characterized by misrule and incompetent leadership without foresight. Corruption in high places and gross impunity that has blighted the country and brought it to its knees. The agitation for a change of government and direction for our dear country as propounded by PSF resonates to all corners of Nigeria and beyond. The resultant effect of this agitation for change has thankfully brought upon us a new dawn and a new era of governance in Nigeria paving way for intolerance for corruption and its purveyors. The need for Nigerians to rise up to promote progressive values and beliefs  wherever we may be in the world, to come together for the purposes of nurturing and advancing better understanding of progressive ideals, beliefs, principles and values in the governance of Nigeria.

The Progressives Solidarity Forum (PSF) was established formally in the United Kingdom in 2012 as the mouthpiece of a progressive ideological think-tank for delivery of the dividends of democracy to all Nigerians. We are a socio-political organization comprising of Nigerian professionals in various fields of endeavours from all over the world ensuring that any government in power uphold democratic process. No Imposition of Candidate, No God-fatherism.

PSF is registered in Nigeria as a non-profit organisation and is a socio-civic caucus formed against the backdrop of apathy, passivity and the subjugation of the Nigerian electorate and the urgent need to robustly challenge the prevailing sub-human existence of the majority of Nigerians and the inability of the ruling class to take decisive steps to change the status quo; to publicly say no to the culture of impunity by some public office holders who have no regard for due process, rule of law and the pervasive lack of accountability in our various national institutions.

Our overarching goal ensures that government in the Nigerian leadership presents alternative and credible government with a human face whenever opportunity presents itself so that Nigerians will come to appreciate the full impact of progressive governance from national, state to local government levels. We are committed to ensuring a united country devoid of ethnic or religious intolerance. We yearn for a vibrant and prosperous Nigeria that will make us proud. We are presently constituted of progressive minded, professionally competent and result driven Nigerians living in Nigeria and Diaspora, who have fashioned out constitutional objectives that promote probity and sanity in governance.

The Nigeria’s Freedom of Information Act was passed into law on May 28 2011, after the longest legislative debate in Nigerian history. The law was passed to enable the public to access certain government information, in order to ensure transparency and accountability. The act aims to make public records and information more freely available, and to protect public records and information in accordance with the public interest and protection of personal privacy. It enables citizens to hold the government accountable in the event of the misappropriation of public funds or failure to deliver public services.

At PSF, we believe that the democratic principle offers an avenue for citizens in a way to govern their affairs through representative of the government, it is a citizenship right to be informed how best to determine their affairs and how best to represent and implement same.

We are positioned to achieving effectiveness in our resolve to deliver good governance to Nigerians. This shall be sustained through innovative program implementations that draws our strength:

  • Project Implementation through Collaborations and consortium partnerships
  •  Focus Group discussions: Grass root information dissemination, awareness creation and sensitisation
  • Press Engagement: Dissemination strategy and media sensitisation through Press Conferences, Press Releases, Media Chat
  • Policy position papers and dialogue: Development and presentation of policy position papers to decision makers.
  • Community sensitisation and empowerment: Information dissemination at grassroot levels.
  • Charity Trust Fund: Resource Mobilisation to enable community life changing programs


  • To Become The Nigerian Mouth-Piece Of A Progressive Ideology Where Good Governance Benefits The People


  • To Build Partnership Between People And Government For Good Practices And Governance


The Mission of PSF is to be recognised as the mouth-piece of progressive ideology for the delivery of democracy to all Nigerians. This shall be accomplished through three cardinal strategies:


  • Establish a Charity Trust Fund to support innovative life changing programs


Our philosophy is reflected in our slogan ‘What’s in it for the people’. The Progressive Solidarity Forum (PSF) operates on a principle of a progressive ideal where governance gives adequate credence to welfare of its citizenry. We believe that government policies should consider the welfare of its citizens at all spheres.

In all of our support and advocacy initiatives, we are guided by the following work principles:

  •  Creating a dynamic economy that will stand the test of time


  • Making basic infrastructures accessible and affordable to every Nigerian and creating gainful employment for the youths


  • Dealing with the scourge of corruption and its perpetrators by supporting the relevant agencies in this direction


  • Securing lives and property of every Nigerian; making life not only bearable but worth living for every Nigerian.

‘What’s in it for the people’-Our slogan places PSF in the forefront in the clamour for a purposeful government with visionary leaders who are in touch with the yearnings and aspirations of the populace for the delivery of the dividends of democracy to all Nigerians as opposed to just a few.




Teamwork and Collaboration

Efficiency and Timeliness

Integrity and Openness

PSF Objectives

The objectives for which PSF was established include, but not limited to:

  • To uphold and protect the principles of freedom of speech and the rule of law and protect internal democracy in the governance of Nigeria.


  • To support and empower members of PSF seeking for public office.


  • To ensure that elected or appointed public Office holders are made accountable to electoral promises and manifestoes


  • To promote the sanctity and the philosophical base of progressive values, orientation and pursuits in governance.


  • To ensure that public office holders abide by their oath of office and respect for core universal values of transparency, accountability, fairness and equity in the conduct of business.


  • To set up Charity or Trust for the advancement and promotion of education, public health and support of the most vulnerable in the community, victims of natural disaster and the underworld victims in Nigeria and overseas.


  • To promote, protect and support the welfare and well-being of members of PSF as enshrined in the PSF Constitution.

Our Scope

We are poised to promote charitable initiatives across all spheres of human endeavors that will benefit the community through self-help innovative projects, as listed below:

  • Implement Initiatives that enhances community participation and interest in governance


  • Implement Education and School Support Services


  • Strengthening Health Care Systems


  • Carry out Projects for Empowerment of in and out of School Youths


  • Enhancing the Girl Child Education


  • Develop position papers to address policy matters


  • Vulnerable groups and Disabled Persons

Our Core Values

  •  Engage in focus group discussions and brainstorming sessions


  • Partnering with Media Houses to create awareness through press releases, conferences and discussion fora.


  • Developing initiatives on community life improvement


  • Facilitate transparency and good governance


  • Establish Charity Trust Fund


  • Extend Advocacy at grass-root level


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