NIGERIA, WHICH WAY FORWARD: Dr. (Chief) Ibrahim Emokpaire,

At the recently conducted Media Chat organised by the Progressive Solidarity Forum (PSF); a socio-civic group on advocacy for governance accountability and transparency, Dr. (Chief) Ibrahim B. Emokpaire the Founder/Grand Patron and a Chieftain of APC addressed journalists and proffered some solutions to the prevailing economic crisis in Nigeria.

Chief Emokpaire reiterated the group support for Buhari’s administration under the flagship of the Progressives Ideal of APC on four cardinal mandates that borders on: Corruption Menace, Improving the Economy, taming down Terrorism and establishing programs on social justice.

In his address held at the PSF headquarters in Abuja, he said the group identifies with the current hardship in the country, ”the recognition of the President worldwide can bring enormous benefits to Nigeria”. He added that “we have a President that is ready and working towards making Nigeria a better and safer country for all. He is a man recognised all over the world as somebody who is upright and enjoys the respect of the whole world. Nigeria have been identified as a country making serious efforts to bring about development to its people. The entire world had adjourned him to be an upright person”

Chief Emokpaire observed that no government can make future projections without reference to its history. “We cannot escape the fact of that Nigeria’s treasury have been looted. There was no proper handover notes; claims were made that contractors were paid off and it was later found out that these were mere claims. “We didn’t just get into this situation, a lot of factors happened in the past that led to the situation we are in today. These are attributed to the mismanagement of our common wealth, the last 16 years and the subsequent Jonathan-led PDP Government that destabilized and littered away our collective common wealth”

Instead of the current government pursuing new capital projects, it was seriously distracted in debt negotiations and outsourcing funds to settle debts. These people need to be brought to the book. This is not about continuity, we must use history to project tomorrow.

In the light of the forgoing, the Grand Patron of PSF, call the attention of the President to some actions as a way forward to the ongoing crisis.

  • Reshuffling the cabinet: This is necessitated based on the current exigencies. There is the need to plough in more expertise on the country’s economic team, looking beyond Nigeria if need be. The bank of England during its recession some years back went all the way to Canadian to hire expertise to revive its economy.
  • The replacement of CBN Governor is long overdue as there has been enough evidences of indictment. The President should as a matter of urgency present his case to the senate for his removal.
  • The ongoing exercise in ‘purging Judiciary’ is commendable. We recommend the need to urgently set-up a Commission on Corruption Tribunal for dispensation of cases within a maximum of 30days. These pilling up corruption cases through the judiciary might outlive President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure in the office.
  • The past increase in petrol is highly regrettable, we do not see any reason for any subsequent increment as it affects everything in the economy of the common man.
  • In the area of electricity, the awards of licenses to current DISCO companies needed reviews, licenses ought to have been withdrawn as no diligence due process was followed during the Jonathan era. It is obvious that they lack professional competence and financial muscles to deliver services.
  • We discourage the proposal for increase in VATs, toll gates, this should be rejected out-rightly, progressive government is concerned about the welfare of its citizens and increase in prices do not follow these orders.
  • We commend efforts in the railway industry and urge the government to seek more investment to ameliorate the hardship of the masses. Expansion through major cities especially in the ease of transportation to ensure efficiency in the movement of agricultural products through major cities in Nigeria
  • We recommend waivers on returnee assets and returning capital flights to Diaspora Nigerians, this offers an enabling environment; eliminating bureaucratic exigencies in custom fees.
  • We suggest formation of partnership with the Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for promotion of culture and industry directly by Returnees to establishing businesses in Nigeria. Returnees plough investment back into the country while expatriate take it back to their various countries.

At the Progressives Solidarity Forum (PSF) we are repositioned to significantly engage in formidable partnership with APC and by extension, President Muhammadu Buhari government to ensure that the promises made to Nigerians are kept. We are working in tandem with the government to be able to bring succour to the people significantly in the upcoming year.



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