Progressive Solidarity Forum is on a historic opportunity and responsibility to play a crucial role in the advocacy for leadership probity, transparency and accountability. We invite you to join us today!

Often times in the past, the progressives in Nigeria have lost out due to the enthronement of narrowness and segmentation. Thus whereas, and indeed, the purveyors of poverty have never won by verified majority, the losing majority have always had themselves to blame for not having a united stand. This is about to change with the merger of most if not all the opposition parties in Nigeria. However, the direction of that change should not be taken for granted. Things can change for the worse just as it can change for the better. It all depends on us all…yes even on you. That is why I am inviting you to come in at this formative stage and pledge to be a backbone of change for the better.

This is the time to ask yourself if you really mean well for Nigeria. It is the time to take the necessary action to prove to yourself that you can walk the talk. Please bring your strong values and principles of real change to uphold the merger for the betterment of Nigeria. Come, nurture, and support it in even the tiniest of roles. It takes more than a merger to change Nigeria for the best. It takes the resolve of the axis of good to get involved and fight off the axis of evil wherever they may try to take hold. Let us build the capacity for real change by leveraging our individual commitment and resolve.

If you agree that a difference can be made with the right push from people of great character, then get in touch so we can align and set about strengthening leadership of transparency and accountability in Nigeria” – Chief/Dr. Ibrahim Emokpaire

Top Reasons Why You Should Join The PSF Team

  • Making impacts and touching life across globe
  • An opportunity to convert the passion for social sector development into action
  • Doing meaningful work that makes a difference in the quality of life for people across the globe.
  • Enabling environment for networking and learning new skills
  • Commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.
  • Community involvement in support to support local charitable causes.
  • A spirit of collaboration in making governance beneficial to the common citizens
  • Community sensitisation in leadership probity and accountability
  • Enabling environment that encourages different perspectives, new ideas, creativity, collaboration, best practices, and innovation.
  • Commitment to sustainable development
  • Learn how to recognise your constituency and how to reach them for leadership accountability
  • Explore available options to influence policies from professional input.
  • Be efficiently involved with opportunities to hold office holders accountable.
  • Your fancy might be to vote with your foot at critical times or your voice might coalesce with others to achieve the needed dominance that will effectively call ineptitude to justice.

Whichever opportunity you choose will be your affirmation

Nigerians in Nigeria and in diaspora can make positive impacts by influencing the policies that usher in good governance and achieve an overarching aim to driving out innovative programs and policies for the benefit of common citizens.


PSF…what’s in it for the people



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